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Greg Bond: Music

2. Small Talk

(Greg Bond)
September 20, 1999

This is supposed to be easy
This is supposed to be fun
This is supposed to be a harmless way
For me to get to know someone.
We're not supposed to get sidetracked 
Like a couple of fools 
If you want to play small talk 
You gotta play by the rules 

You're not supposed to let me know
You're disappointed you came
You're not supposed to have a laughing fit
When I am telling you my name
You're supposed to be shy and coy
Oh ya! Nuts to you
It's pretty hard making small talk
When we keep breaking taboo

He wants a beauty queen
I'm not that squeaky clean
And so he checks his watch and yawns a lot
It must be some disease
I've got
In case you haven't heard 
I can't get in a word
Before I get an opportunity
You tell your whole life history 
And then there are the clothes you wear 
You must have done it on a dare 
I'm overjoyed you find me crude 
You sanctimonious pompous prude

We were supposed to be suave
And charming 
Playing it close to the shirt 
We could have waited 'til the second date 
Before we started slinging dirt 
There's been a misunderstanding 
We should have known right from the start 
No sense making small talk 
When we are worlds apart  

This was supposed to be a hopeless venture
I thought this date was kaput
I'd given up hope of opening my mouth
Without my putting in my foot
Should we be turning a faux pas
Into a fait accompli
Would we sink in the quagmire
Of all that gay repartee
Can we circumvent small talk
Let's talk about it and see