1. You and Me

From the recording Funny Day Saturday


You and me
We're on the verge of being a family
It's sort of scary when you
Stop and think, and realize
All the pitfalls of family ties

Now, you and me
Are stuck inside the twentieth century,
With all it's history of
Overwork, and hyperstress
Headlong pursuit of happiness.

So many options.
So many answers to all our problems.
It just makes your head spin.
You can blow a fuse
When you try to solve them.

You and me
Somehow those words imply simplicity.
And all at once the world just melts away,
All trouble flies
When I look into your loving eyes..
Just you and me
The antidote for all complexity
And once we're back to basics
Men may fall and values die
But we'll be solid, you and I.

Yes, time is precious
And we want to make
The best of what time will let us.
But if we learn from the past
The future won't upset us.
So don't be anxious
About lost careers and failed romances
Just heed the old adage —
"We pays our nickel and
we takes our chances!"
Lets go out and get it.
Try and never regret it.
And I'm willing to bet it's
within our reach.
Wait and see.
All we need is You and Me.