When Greg died, we asked that donations be made to the Greg Bond Musical Theatre Fund. The response from his fellow performers, stagehands, musicians and others was overwhelming. The Burtons, a couple who had become friends and fans of Greg, assisted us with managing these funds. Grant Burton enabled us to set up the Fund with the Toronto Community Foundation.

Awards are given to individuals who best exemplify the integrity and dedication to excellence which Greg represented. Recipients must be involved in musical theatre and must be the type of person who is respected and works well with all the people involved with a show, including musicians, stage hands, designers and cast. They must provide a cheerful positive attitude and must continue to improve their skills with continued study.

1) Sheridan College, Faculty of Musical Theatre with Rod Maxwell, established the first scholarship of $1000.00 in 1991. All the winners of this award have been acting for a few years after graduation. Each winner is added to the committee to choose the winner for the next year. The winners are:

1991—David Connolly: 
David is a dancer/choreographer. He was born with no feet but hasn't let that hold him back from a successful stage career.

1992—Susan Greenfield: 
Susan was a nurse who was attracted to the theatre in Red Deer. She used the money to buy a piano and found the encouragement very helpful.

1993—Catherine O'Brien: 
Skilled in all aspects of the musical theatre.

1994—Michelle Berting: 
Studied for many years before entering Sheridan. Used the money to make a demo tape which furthered her career.

1995—Deanna Overland: 
Felt very rewarded to receive recognition after many years from early childhood of diligent struggle.

1996—Ryan Kelly

1997—Stephen Patterson: 
A hard working performer who used the money to continue with lessons.

1999—Brian Elliot and Jackie Hadley: 
A husband and wife team.

2000—Tammy Sutherland

2) Timmins Concert Singers with Rosanne Simunovic, leader and conductor. Greg and Larry Herbert had performed twice with the Singers and made a big impression. The winners of $250.00 are:


1997—Ginette Hebert

1997—Matthew Humphreys

1998—Sylvain Boisonneault

1998—Jessica Hince

1998—Aileen Roy

1999—Beaugart Humphreys

(This award continues but the names of the recipients are not available at present.)

3) Parent-Child Mother Goose. This was a one-time only award to an organisation that focuses on the pleasure of using rhymes, songs, and stories for disadvantaged parents and their children. The award was $500.00.

4) Actors' Equity established the "Betty Mitchell Awards" in Calgary in 1998 to honour Betty Mitchell, a woman who personified the qualities of excitement, respect, co-operation and hard work that are intrinsic in the Greg Bond Award. Betty was an inspired teacher of drama and musical theatre in Calgary. Students who did not attend Western Canada High School, where she taught, always wished they could study with her. She went on to obtain her Doctor of Music and Drama and made a huge contribution to Calgary in the performing arts. The winners of $1000.00 are:

1998—Tom Doyle: 
Teacher, composer, performer and playwright.

1999—Margo McDermott: 
Director, choreographer, and performer. She was instrumental in making The Calgary Young Canadians an organisation that is world-renowned.

2000—Bob Foster:
Musical Director, performer, and composer.  

(More to come on recent award winners.)