1. Face To Face

From the recording Funny Day Saturday


I gotta different style to offer,
My own way to sing and dance.
I've been lucky to be listened to
And grateful for the chance.
This is a load of opportunity for
Different people just like me.
We listened to each other,
And learned we've always
Been truly brothers.
So let's celebrate!
Relax! We deseve it!

We've found we have the freedom
To be anyone we want
We all have a part to play
In the scheme of things today.
We look at one another
Face To Face.

Oh, I know it's easy to criticize
Intolerance is shown here every day
There are always some who say
We could do better
Maybe that's good
Maybe we should
But there are lots of different places
Tyrants domineer.
If your song was unfamiliar
You'd have to live in fear.
So I'm glad to sing my kind of song
In a place where people get along.
You can be you, I can be me.
We can sing in harmony.

So let's celebrate! Relax!
We deserve it.
We have found we have the freedom,
To be anyone we want,
We all have a part to play,
In the scheme of things today.
So lets sing and dance together,
Face To Face.