1. Linda's Song

From the recording Funny Day Saturday


You are a dark feathered bird of the night,
Please stay.
If you rest on the branch by my window,
I'll sing you a lullabye.

Why do you look so sad?
Do you know your dark feathers
Do shimmer and shine in the moonlight?
Do you know how I feel when
I dance in the light of your eyes?
If you knew how you've looked tonight
You would sing with joy as I do.

Will you teach me to dance as you do?
Maybe ...
I'm sure we can fly on the wind
If I just keep watching you.

Why do you wish you were free?
Do you know you're as free
As you want to be?
Perched on my apple tree.
Do you know you can still fly away
If you perch there too long?

But if you flew away this very night
Would you find another so
Enchanted by your song?