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Greg Bond: Guestbook

J. Frederick Brown

November 14, 2008

What a pleasant surprise to find this site.

In the mid 1980's when I was a student at Mount St. Vincent University in Halifax, I authored a study on the Charlottetown Festival's first 20 years entitled THE CHARLOTTETOWN FESTIVAL IN REVIEW. It eventually was published by The University of Guelph, as was the second study entitled, THE CHARLOTTETOWN FESTIVAL IN REVUE.

Preparing for that study I spent the entire spring "shadowing" the Festival's rehearsal period. That involved my observation of rehearsals for "Anne", "Ye Gods" and "Singin' And Dancin" Tonight.

That's were I met Greg. We spent a few hours discussing the need for a study of this nature and he supported and encouraged my desire to see it complete.

Of all the cast members associated with the Festival that year, I remember few but I do remember Greg.

He was not only a remarkable performer (I still watch my video copy of "Singin' And Dancin' on a regular basis) but a kind human being who took the time to make a "researcher" feel comfortable among "actors".

I was certainly out of my element.

I don't know why Greg's "interest in and attitude towards" this project" has stuck with me all these years but it has.

Maybe one remembers the "source of encouragement" that enspires one to complete something or maybe Greg was a 'mentor" in ways. Who knows.

The reseach project was successful for me, earning me a mark of 95, but I can't help but think that Greg in some way contributed towards that success.

There were other members of the cast who showed no interest, shared no stories and gave no encouragement.

Every so often I think, "What ever happened to Greg?" and yesterday that thought entered my mind and so I decided to do an internet search and I found this site.

I didn't know.

So ... I just wanted to say

Thank you Greg.

Tammy Johnston from the Poppy's Star Days

August 31, 2008

We are putting together a " Poppy's Star MY Space" page to try and contact the people that used to work/perform there. I hope it is ok to post Greg's Bio there.

Diane McAdam

August 30, 2007

Hi Beverly and Ruth,
I was thinking of Greg tonight, so decided to Google him. I was so happy to come across his smiling face, from our youth and you guys too. I haven't seen a picture of you guys in all these years. I couldn't remember what you looked like until I saw the pictures, then it all came back to me. We had so much fun back then. I remember you Ruth fixing use icetea (a first for me) and snacks after school. We ran through your sprinkler and played in your wading pool. When it wasn't nice out we played in your playroom. In the summertime we ate your crabapples off your tree. When school was open, we walked down your lane and past your gate nearly everyday. Greg always took care of us, and I thought he was so big and strong. I am sad I didn't get to know him as a man. I wish I could have seen him perform. Nice job you did on the website beverly! I hope you two are healthy and as happy as you can be.
All my love...Diane

May 17, 2007

I have a CD of broadway tunes and credited as the singer of Close every door is G. Bond. I was wondering if it was Greg singing it.

Tammy Thompson

May 17, 2007

I am pretty sure it was the same Greg Bond who I saw in a production of Godspell in Hamilton. I got his autograph and always remembered how good he was. Years later, I went to see Cats in Toronto, and saw Greg again. Again he was great and I think the photograph used was the same one from years before. I heard he was going to be in the turing company of Cats, and the I heard of his untimely death. For some reason, I still think about this man that made such an impression on me all those years ago.

Jeannie Lewis

October 11, 2006

What a moving tribute to such a talented person. He achieved so mucn. I'ts good to catch up and fill in gaps in Greg's early years prior to Australia and know more of his achievements afterwards. It's also wonderful and generous that you have set up the testimonial in his name.

Charles Burke

June 13, 2006

I had the pleasure of meeting Greg and Irene in Charlottetown, PEI. I worked with Irene at Design Associates. They were the nicest, most genuine people I had ever met.

Terri Hawkes

January 9, 2006

Hi Ruth,
I was rereading your Xmas letter, and wanted to check out the web site. Beverly did a beautiful job with it. So nice to see Greg's smiling face: the photos brought back fond memories of him. Will order the cd once I figure out which format is best for me. I so appreciated your beautiful letter. Your positive attitude, humour, and grace during difficult times is inspirational. My warmest thoughts go out to you and your family. Wishing you a healthy, happy 2006.
Terri Hawkes

Alisa Vandal

June 7, 2005

As one of the latest recipients of a Greg Bond memorial scholarship, I would just like to say thank you. What a wonderful way to keep his memory alive as well as help those of us just starting out. Sincerely, Alisa

dawn lynn ruffin

April 1, 2005

hi im lonnie my mother dawn has know gregg for years and would like to send her condollents to his family and his them the best u can reply back if u want at my emailadress thank u

Greg Bond

March 2, 2005

just wanted to see what the internet had on me...surprise! I too am a singer and musician from Indianapolis, IN - USA. Interesting to see we shared the same passions. More on me can be found at

Beverly Mason

February 19, 2005

Hi! I'm Greg's sister, and I would like to thank everyone who visits this site and leaves a personal message about Greg. We miss him very much and hearing from his friends helps us to keep his memory alive. We would greatly appreciate it if you would contact anyone you know who was a friend of Greg's, and ask them to visit the site and share their memories of him with us.

Thanks again for visiting!

Beverly Bond Mason

Lynn McCarroll

January 27, 2005

I was one of Gregs close friends in Aus. I am still close friends with Jeremy Cook and Ian Esplin (Fantasy Workshop) and Annette and Bob Charter who live in the Blue Mountains. I was closely involved with Fantasty Workshop. I go back to Sydney for a couple of months every year and have just returned from staying with Jeremy and his family for a couple of weeks and also catching up with Ian and Annette. I had just moved to Tasmania with a one year old child (liam, who is now 17) when Greg died. It broke my heart and took me years to accept it. I have lots of photos and a tape of Greg's songs from the 80's. I think of him often with great love, affection and joy.
He was and will always be one of my life long friends as are our mutual close friends from that magical time with Greg in Sydney. I would love some news of Irene.

paula wolfson

January 9, 2005

greg would be so pleased with this. he was confident without ego. talented and generous. gracious under fire.

Wallace Riddle

December 21, 2004